Saturday, January 27, 2007

Serena puts the 'Will' in Williams

From The Cocoa Lounge

Serena Williams celebrates victory at the Australian Open 2007
Serena Williams celebrates her third Australian Open championship

Say what you will about Serena Williams but there aren't too many players, in any sport, who can miss two years of play and return to win consecutive matches as if by sheer will power.

Serena captured her 8th Grand Slam title and third Australian Open by polarizing tennis sensation, Maria Sharapova, in one of the most lop-sided victories in the open's history.

Ranked an uncharacteristically low 81 coming into the tournament, Serena will shoot up the WTA Rankings chart faster than a Kids Bop album on Billboard, when the new rankings are announced next week.

Serena Williams holds her 3rd Australian Open Championship Trophy

In other news, Serena is reportedly in talks to produce a biopic about the life of late tennis legend Althea Gibson. She's adamant she has no plans to star, but with Serena's track record of defying the odds, anything is possible.


Anonymous said...

I messed around and missed the game. I came home today and heard about it. That girl is made of some tough stuff.

Anonymous said...

Serena is so far ahead of everybody else it's ridiculous. Maria Sharpova... U got served!

P said...

It would be nice to see Venus play in that role. She captures the softness, slender feel and vulnerability of Althea. . .

Anonymous said...

Wonder if she can keep itup.

Anonymous said...

You wonder if she can keep it up? Serena is the greatest female player in the game of tennis ever.