Monday, January 01, 2007

They've Got Next: Four of the Hottest New Voices of '07

From The Cocoa Lounge

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Singer, Jazmine SullivanJAZMINE SULLIVAN
//sounds like: Chaka Khan, Karen Clark Sheard

Imagine the voices of Chaka Khan, gospel-great Karen Clark Sheard and Mary J. Blige rolled into one. Now open your ears, that voice is Jazmine Sullivan. Hailing from Philadelphia, Sullivan possesses one of the purest tones we've heard in the last few years and if the industry is ready for her, she's definitely ready for it. (Photo by Laura Kicey)

Her soul-stirring live rendition of Andre 3000's "Prototype," leaves the track virtually unrecognizable.

Listen: (Jazmine Sullivan, Prototype (Live))

Singer, Tiombe LockhartTIOMBE LOCKHART
//Sounds like: Joi, N'Dea Davenport

With one of the most entertaining back stories this side of Gnarls Barkley, Tiombe Lockhart is a legend in the making. The Atlanta native, who holds a degree in vocal jazz performance and attended high school for the performing arts, has a flair for the theatrical that is evident on and off the stage.

She's been featured on tracks with Detroit hit-makers Platinum Pied Pipers, but if Tiombe Lockhart has her way, she and her Army of Love will take your ears hostage and "have a whole lot of sex with your earlobes."

Listen: (Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Tiombe Lockhart, Stay With Me)

New singer, Chrisette MicheleCHRISETTE MICHELE
//sounds like: Jill Scott, Billie Holiday

New York native, Chrisette Michele, recently made the music radar when her collaboration with Jay Z "Lost Ones" became the second single released on the rapper's highly anticipated comeback CD. Now, the 22 year-old Def Jam artist is looking to strike on her own, and with the help of such hip hop heavyweights as Nas and Kanye West, Chrisette Michelle is building enough buzz to put honeybees out of business.

Listen to her jazz-inspired collaboration with Nas "Can't forget About You."

Listen: (Nas feat. Chrisette Michelle, Can't Forget About You)

Singer, ChoklateCHOKLATE
//sounds like: Tweet, Davina

After several mixtape hooks and indie collaborations wet our appetite, the Nu Soul world finally got a taste of Choklate with her self titled summer release. The Seattle-based singer's debut album is a solid one; her sweet singing and songwriting abilities are showcased like a Godiva 'Choklate' gift box.

Listen: (Choklate, Incredible)


Anonymous said...

Hot hot hot!!!!
jazmine sullivan and chrisette michelle are my 2 new favorite singers now. thank u!

Anonymous said...

Tiombe looks like Kelis with the blonde hair, Dead on her.

Anonymous said...

I have fallen for Chrisette Michelle BIG TIME...two thumbs up on the list--loads of talent here.

P said...

What a treat this was!! Thank you for allowing us this sneak peak of the music. ..

The Cocoa Lounge said...

I'm glad you guys like the list. We were thinking about doing individual profiles on each, but they're all so dope they needed Top O' The Year intros!

Anonymous said...

Why is it all the thick sisters can sang? It's like a straight up fact. All of them are thick except the blonde, and she's the one that's not cutting the mustard with her voice.

I think I'm in love with Chrisette but Jazmine has the best voice hands down.

Anonymous said...

You should also check out newcomer JIMMIE REIGN @

helveticaneue said...

hey cocoa lounge, I was the photographer for that image of Ms. Jazmine Sullivan, would you mind dropping in a line of credit? - laura kicey. Thanks for using my work, I appreciate it. You've got a great blog here.

The Cocoa Lounge said...

Hey Laura,

We gladly dropped a line of credit in but also wanted to let you know that we've always given you photo credit here on our Flickr page where all our images are stored. Thanks for visiting and keep up the great work!

helveticaneue said...

thanks cocoa lounge!

Anonymous said...

This is totally unrelated to the post, but who is the model in your profile pic? Sorry- there was no other way to send this question.

The Cocoa Lounge said...

Hey curious. LOL. It's cool. The model is Liya Kebede. said...

This cannot succeed in reality, that is exactly what I suppose.