Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Iman Sashays Onto TV's 'Runway'

Iman Sashays Onto TV's 'Runway'

Hold on to your chemise, Heidi Klum! Iman joins the growing list of ├╝ber-models turned television stars as host of Project Runway Canada, the latest installment of the popular Project Runway franchise.

Iman puts her own stamp on the Canadian version with a no-nonsense approach to judging contestants' designs. But as any model knows, measuring up is a tough job, especially when another (Klum) has worn the 'Runway' look so well.

Does Project Runway Canada measure up to its American predecessor? You be the judge:

Wanna see more episodes? Iman's Runway airs on Canada's Slice network. If you're outside of Canada, don't bother checking your local listings, we recommend scouring youtube instead.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coming Soon: The 'Bolden' The Beautiful

Two upcoming period pieces have us all eyes and ears: one's an indie biopic, the other is an early award-season contender filled with entertainment heavyweights.

The 'Bolden' The Beautiful

Fantastic Four: Four Guys We love alum, Anthony Mackie, is known for generating heat around these parts, but Bolden!, his latest project, is full of its own sparks.

Audiences have been patiently waiting for Mackie to get his Denzel on; to land a role that transforms an actor from 'good' to 'critically-acclaimed.' That role, we hear, comes in the portrayal of Buddy Bolden, a giant in rag-time music, and early father of jazz.

The 'Bolden' The Beautiful

The film also features three notable up and coming actresses: The Bolden women. Yaani King, Karimah Westbrook and Milauna Jemai, all young dramatic actresses, who are gaining their stripes through strong television appearances on popular shows like CSI, Without a Trace and Law & Order.

The Great Debaters: Publicity Photo

And what can we say about The Great Debaters that hasn't already been uttered? With names like Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey to headline the credits, this film is destined for a little award-season attention. And young Jurnee Smollett, an acting powerhouse since Eve's Bayou, is already being lauded for Supporting
Actress consideration by MGM.

We here at the Lounge can't wait to feast our eyes on these when they finally grace the silver screen.