Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Black Model Museum [#001]: Aisha Cain

From The Cocoa Lounge

Model, Aisha Cain
Model, Aisha Cain as the Evian Angel

This is the first installation of The Black Model Museum, a shout-out if you will to the models we've come to love over the years. We're pulling photos and info straight from the archives--The Cocoa Lounge early years, circa 1999 - 2002. Hope you enjoy.

Aisha Cain ruled the fashion world at the turn of the 21st century. She stood out in the post-Naomi reign with her free-form afro and baby-doll features. Aisha had the face of an angel, and was immortalized that way in a long-running Evian campaign.

Model, Aisha CainModel, Aisha CainModel, Aisha Cain

Although Aisha isn't as visible these days as she was at the height of her modeling career, she remains one of our all-time faves.


Anonymous said...

She is Adorable!

Anonymous said...

She looks short for a model. Did she ever do runway?

Anonymous said...

I want a bottle!

Anonymous said...

She acualy like 5'11. And she did do runway she did fashion rocks. Shes acualy mii cussin beleive it or not.

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