Sunday, January 15, 2006

Fresh Face [#002]: Miss Prissy

You may remember Miss Prissy (aka Marquisa Gardner) from last year's hit documentary, Rize. The South Central native was one of several young dancers featured in the groundbreaking film that introduced the world to Krumping, a dance-craze that originated in Los Angeles.

Since the documentary's success, Miss Prissy has enjoyed some success of her own. She was recently a featured dancer in Madonna's "Hung Up" video and toured with rapper, The Game, last summer. Although she's a fabulous krumper, Miss Prissy's expertise is diverse; she's been trained in (and has taught) ballet and modern dance.

We're expecting great things from Miss Prissy, who is on her way to becoming the Hip Hop generation's Debbie Allen.


Anonymous said...

Miss Prissy is the queen of krump! No one can match her in hip hop dancing and she needs her own movie or television show. I am her biggest fan and have watched Rize at least 10 times already.

Miss Prissy if your read this I am so proud of you for putting South Central on the map in a positive way. Your classy pretty smart and not a stereotypical dancer that you see on tv all the time. South LA stand up!!! Marquisa is the truth plain and simple. Shes the original queen of krump.

Randal said...

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