Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Coming Soon: No Woman No Cry


The Weinstein Co. will produce and distribute a big-screen version of [Rita Marley's] 2004 autobiography "No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley," a chronicle of the musician's childhood and their tumultuous 15-year marriage through his death from cancer in 1981.

The untitled project from producer Rudy Langlais ("The Hurricane") is tentatively set to begin filming early next year with a projected late 2009 release date. Langlais said the film will be an "epic romance," including the Marleys' life and the assassination attempt on the couple.

-- Billboard

Rita's first choice to portray her onscreen? Lauryn Hill. Rita is reportedly vocal about Lauryn starring in the role, because "She sees my life as her life." Well, Lauryn's certainly starring in her own real-life role as the mother of a Marley clan, and wouldn't have far to go for research, but as unpredictable as she's been over the years, we're not sure this casting dream will make it past Rita's lips.

But for the love of Bob Marley we may have to Wait in Vain for the outcome.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if he can do a good Jamaican accent but I think Hill Harper would make a good Bob Marley. His features are sort of the same and he is just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Lauryn probably aint gone do it.

Anonymous said...

damian marley would maek a good bob. he look like his father and he make good music too.

Anonymous said...

Lauren Hill was good in Sister Act 2 so I think she could be good in this and she might want to do it to prove people wrong about her.

Beauty Is Diverse said...


Anonymous said...

It would be great with an unknown Jamaican Ras. As for Lauryn, she might just pull it together. I've always believed that she saw herself as Rita in some ways as well.

Anonymous said...

I think Lauryn Hill should do it. It would be a good role for her. I wouldn't think of Hill Harper as Bob Marley but now that somebody said it I that would be kind of cool.

Anonymous said...

As Bob Marley, I would go with Andre Royo from the wire. Outside of the marley family, I think he has 'that' look. As for Rita, I think India Arie favors her a little more that Lauryn Hill.

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