Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Lena Horne!

The Cocoa Lounge celebrates Lena Horne's 90th Birthday weekend with a clip from 1943's Stormy Weather. Though Lena Horne appeared in over a dozen films over her legendary career, Stormy Weather remains one of her few starring roles.

We wish Ms. Horne a very happy 90th!


Anonymous said...

A friend and I were talking about Lena Horne a few days ago...He thought she had passed away years ago. I KNEW she hadn't. It's good to see (officially) that that beautiful sistah is still with us. Happy Birthday to her.

Anonymous said...

She's 90 and still looking GORGEOUS!

P said...

Beautiful. She looks better than I do, and she's got me by some years by FAR!!

Anonymous said...

I have to wish this beautiful legendary sister happy birthday! And just say thank you for enduring all you had to jsut to open doors for the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday to legandary singer, entertainer and stylist. Wish we could see more of you.

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