Saturday, July 21, 2007

'Dem' Darn Debates: Hilary Vs. Obama

It's gonna be a tough choice at the polls for the 2008 Democratic Primaries. Most of us want change. A lot of us want diversity. But with both a woman and black man fitting the bill, it looks like the fight for The Oval Office will be to the finish... and it won't be pretty.

Enter this cute and witty little YouTube video that addresses just about every Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton gripe ever uttered. The vid throws clever political (and personal) jabs at both candidates that'll make you laugh first and think later.


Anonymous said...

Very funny. And the guy is cute too.

Anonymous said...

LOL becuase this sounds like me and my coworker.

Anonymous said...

love this! I don't know who I'm going ot choose.

The Cocoa Lounge said...

I'm sitting patiently betwen a rock and a hard place over here!

Definitely tivo-ing the CNN / Youtube debate tonight.

Looks interesting. Hope it's not too much of a circus,though.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Obama and Hilary went at each others throats at the debate. Just typical. The only two people who could change the history books had to act like 2 crabs in a barrel. I lost a little respect for both of them.

Luke said...

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