Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fresh Face [#001]: Amanda Dumas

What do you get when you mix India Arie's acoustic stylings with Avril Lavigne's youthful essence and add a dash of sweet, airy vocals for good measure? You get a sound that is quite unique in the trend-happy music industry: you get the sound of Amanda Dumas.

This 21-year-old Southern California native has won over her growing core of fans by singing upbeat, acoustic songs in modest venues throughout Los Angeles and across
the country. If her debut CD,"Pink Shoes and Tuna Fish," is any indication of the future Dumas has in entertainment, her talent and wholesome appeal should take her as far as she wants to go.

Amanda Dumas' CD is available now. Cocoalounge favorites include "To You," a sweet offering about unrequited love and "Lonely," a Latin-inspired track sure to get your hips moving.

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