Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Coming Soon: A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy

Coming Soon: A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy

The title alone simmers.

We saw an early sneak preview of this Sundance indie burner months ago and subsequently began to question if we'd ever seen black this sexy onscreen before.

The film, a series of vignettes, explores modern-day African American relationships with a gentle homage to the 1970s. Director, Dennis Dortch, doesn't stray far from the Blaxpoitation-loving roots he so eloquently displayed in his short film debut, 1999's Honey.

With opening theatrical releases set for Los Angeles this week and screenings at the New York African Diaspora Film Festival, you could, theoretically, make any day this weekend A Good Day to be Black & Sexy.


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Anonymous said...

My boy worked on this. Support this beautiful film because you will be glad you did!

adailymeasure said...

Too bad I live Columbia, Missouri. It'll be year before I get to see this movie. :)

Lenoxave said...

Squee! This sounds right up my alley. I was just in NYC. Damn!

Anonymous said...

The sexiest of em all, at least since a lady sang the blues.

Anonymous said...

i saw the movie. go to and type it in the search

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