Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Iman Sashays Onto TV's 'Runway'

Iman Sashays Onto TV's 'Runway'

Hold on to your chemise, Heidi Klum! Iman joins the growing list of über-models turned television stars as host of Project Runway Canada, the latest installment of the popular Project Runway franchise.

Iman puts her own stamp on the Canadian version with a no-nonsense approach to judging contestants' designs. But as any model knows, measuring up is a tough job, especially when another (Klum) has worn the 'Runway' look so well.

Does Project Runway Canada measure up to its American predecessor? You be the judge:

Wanna see more episodes? Iman's Runway airs on Canada's Slice network. If you're outside of Canada, don't bother checking your local listings, we recommend scouring youtube instead.


Anonymous said...

Iman is freakin' fierce.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I'm a fan of the American version of project runway and nothing can really compare but I'm glad Iman is doing her thing. She always looks good.

Anonymous said...

I love Iman. She is just too damned fabulous for words. I'd love to see her on the American version rather than Heidi Klum (who I think is very cool).

Anonymous said...

Why she gotta be married to David Bowie though??????? That man wear more eyeliner than she do. Even though I can't stand David Bowie Iman is still one of the finest black women I've ever seen in my life.

jaffa said...

Thanks for bringing the Canadian "Project Runway" to our attention. I'm burnt out on the American version, but I can now try to get my "Runway" fix with this show. And better yet, with a way more beautiful, elegant, intelligent and tolerable hostess, Iman!

nicola said...

Sorry, I'm in Canada, and Iman is fierce (albeit a little stiff). Clips can't do it justice. I think the diversity could have been better (only two Asian and two black designers) but at least 2 of the judges are black. Heidi Klum is great and all but Iman is far more of an icon in the fashion world and she speaks with far greater authority.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Canada too and with these reality series that have US and Canadian versions (American Idol etc.) I'll be the first to admit that the US version, at least in terms of talent, is much better.
However, that is NOT the case with the Canadian version of "Project Runway." I've watched all of the US versions so far and the Canadian talent on this, the first season, was absouletly incredible. In terms of hosting abilities - I'm pretty used to Heidi but Iman does her thing & looks fantastic (although at times she sounds a bit if her lines are being fed to her...) Agree with the above. Clips don't do the show justice.

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