Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cocoa Lounge NOW: Lauryn Hill Breaks Her Silence

From The Cocoa Lounge


In recent months, stories of Lauryn Hill's bizarre antics and performances have saturated internet blogs like high cholesterol. L Boogie's remained virtually silent until this telling, impromptu interview with a European hip hop personality.

Aside from revealing that Lauryn Hill is obviously experimenting with something (philosophies, personal expression... stimulants?), her brief candidness has its upside. We don't know how much she's had to lose in Losing Herself, but her keen intellect clearly remains as evident in this response to a question about hip hop music:

Q: What do you think of the state of hip hop right now?

Lauryn Hill: That’s a longer story. That’s like a longer interview… I see a lot of talent; lot of potential... At the same time I see a lot of lost potential. You know, I see a lot of what could easily be exploitative… I mean we could sort of trace black music back and watch the pattern... See how these black folks found this incredible music, you know, that comes from a place of expression and how it gets co-opted and commercialized and compromised and… bitten… and appropriated and taken... You know, my struggle has always been to sort of prevent that from happening, to sort of maintain the soul in everything that I can possibly do.

Somehow we can breathe easier knowing that Lauryn hasn't quite lost all of her mind. But we hope she maintains herself first and the soul later; then help heal the open wound that is hip hop.


Anonymous said...

She really changed and not for the good. Get jesus girl.

Anonymous said...

I still adore this woman and I can't wait until she is back completely.

Lenoxave said...

I really hope that Lauryn can find some kind of spiritual peace. It breaks my heart to see her so troubled. She seems to be searching for something and I hope that she finds it and comes back to the music and the people.

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to watch Lauryn like she is now. I sat through the whole interview and it just makes you want to give her a hug. She used to be a artist that I really looked up to. Now she looks like somebody's grandmother. She made some good points but sis could definitely use a extreme makeover. I swear every time I see her she looks like she just came in from feeding pigeons somewhere.

The Cocoa Lounge said...

Miss Vee, that's hard to hear (or read), but it is true. Definitely pulling for Lauryn to put the bird seeds down and bounce back!

Anonymous said...

I'll agree that Lauryn is not herself these days – an understatement. However, I feel we are also witnissing a highly racist double standard in the media. Lauryn – who is a highly outspoken and very talented black woman is being raked over the coals by the predominantly white media for odd behavior. I find it odd that these selfsame media powers lavish pity and speak of interventions for talentless no-nothings like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and the like. It makes me sick.

It's hard to watch Lauryn like this, but I think the media needs to exercise some restraint and balance. Thanks for posting this inteview – I was so wondering where she was these days.

The Cocoa Lounge said...


Thank you for your thoughtful and caring insight. I think fans, spectators, and media folk alike are baffled by what brought on this (arguably) bizarre behavior.

It is obvious that a lifestyle of indulgance, partying, and drugs are to blame for situations the brat pack (Spears, Lohan and Ritchie) currently find themselves in. But for Lauryn, who has seemed to shelter herself from all of that, and was once considered intelligent, fashionable, and impressively grounded, and reverred almost as if she were a spiritual's no wonder people are as incredulous as they are about her current state.

It's very puzzling, though I'd have to politely disagree with you. I find it very natural to ask questions...even those that make us feel uncomfortable.

Charece said...

Lauryn really needs to make a come back her music use to give me chills it was so deep!

Anonymous said...

I think Lauryn Hill is still just as tight as she always was. She just need to get over whatever it is that is eating her up and move on with her life. If its Rohan Marley ruining her life let go of him. If its drugs let them go too. You can tell from the way she talk that shes still smart and aware of whats happening in the world. Sometimes people get too much too soon in life and I think that happened to her. Just let all the bad stuff go and MOVE ON.

Lisa R Charles said...

Lauryn is a smart girl. She knows where she is and where she wants to be. Sometimes we can try so hard to do the opposite of what people want from us that we go to far, just to prove a point. Her point is well taken! She will only be led by her. She doesn't want to subject herself to being controlled like so many artist today.

Can't wait to hear what she's coming with next!

Anonymous said...

this girl obviously has a big problem....talking about lost potential...

Unknown said...

M&M&Ms all the way Lauryn girl needs to come back bouncing with that thing that thing that thiiiiing! MUSIC! Let the people talk. Who cares what they think. I love good artist and Lauryn Hill is one of them, original and loved. I have visited so many web sites and the comments that sticks out the most is. Everybody wants her to bounce back on the seen. Really right now, we could use something real.

Much Love girl and don't disappear like my funkstars.

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