Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Disney Animation Crowns First Black Princess

From The Cocoa Lounge

Interpretation of a Disney Princess
Move over Snow White: A Cocoa Lounge illustration inspired by Disney's The Frog Princess.

It has been years in the making (and with a release date of 2009 it still is), but Disney has finally announced plans to feature a black heroine as its title character in the upcoming Frog Princess.

According to Reuters:

The film, scheduled for release in 2009 by Disney Feature Animation, is the first hand-drawn film the company has committed to since pledging last month to return to the traditional animation form that made it a worldwide brand.

"The Frog Princess," a musical scored by composer Randy Newman, is "an American fairy tale" starring a girl named Maddy who lives in the French Quarter in New Orleans, said John Lasseter, chief creative director for Disney and Pixar Animation Studios.
Maddy joins eight other Disney princess characters that have generated $3 billion in global retail sales since 1999. Disney Princesses is the fastest growing brand for the company's Consumer Products division.

Disney introduced its first non-white animated heroine in its 1992 film, "Aladdin" with the Middle Eastern character Jasmine, and followed it three years later with the Native American princess "Pocahontas."

The Frog PrincessThe creation of the Chinese heroine from "Mulan" came in 1998. Other Disney princesses include the main characters from the films "Cinderella," "Sleeping Beauty," "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "Beauty and the Beast," and "The Little Mermaid."

The Consumer Products division aggregated the eight characters in 1999 under the banner "Disney Princesses" and has rolled out toys, books, clothing, furniture and other merchandise aimed at girls ages 3 to 8.

Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger said the company wanted to show its support for New Orleans, only partially rebuilt 18 months after it was flooded by Hurricane Katrina, by holding its annual meeting and setting its newest animated film here.

"We thought it would be a great signal to send that New Orleans is important, that we believe in New Orleans, and in a way it was our means of not only expressing some appreciation but of giving back," Iger told Reuters in an interview. "This is a town we have derived great stories from."

It will be interesting to see what happens with this project in the coming months:

Alicia Keys is said to be in talks for the role, but Raven Symone seems like the more obvious choice for Disney. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

What really took them so long?

Anonymous said...

People have been complaining for years about Disney. It's about time.

Ellington Goes To Town said...

Sure wish I had some kids to tell about this but by the time 2009 rolls around I probably will. ; D

The Cocoa Lounge said...

Just remembered Disney's last attempt at an African-American tale, Song of the South. They never released it on VHS or DVD in the US because of how racially loaded it was.

Here's hoping they bring in some black writers, animators and other production people so that history doesn't repeat itself.

Jamal O said...

I had mixed feelings upon hearing this news. Initially, swept with keen excitement, I quickly dreamed triumphant, thinking to myself, finally at last we can see some of our epic animated stories told the big screen.

But a second feeling came over me. I had to remind myself that its was Disney. The same studio that gave us steamboat willie, and sebastian the Jamaican crab.

Either way, I sincerly hope its a good film. I'm looking foward to it.

But I still feel that we should control our own image. And be the masters of our own stories.

Anonymous said...

It's about time. I would not buy Disney Princesses accessories for my daughter because she was not represented in it.

Charece said...

It's about time!

Anonymous said...

Disney isn't the only production company that has a problem with the African American image, pretty much all of them do. Disney has just been the most reluctant in getting on the ball. You'd think that as much as they utilize Mr. Eddie Murphy--a huge African American male movie star--they would have at least invested a few million on a project starring him. Black women, though, have it much worse in being represented and I honestly believe this is a large step in the right direction.

My problem, however, is that they finally decide to make a 2D feature length film with a Black female lead but they're about 10 years late technologically speaking. When was the last time a 2D animated film did great business at the box office? Probably not since the Lion King in the 90s. If it doesn't post numbers like its 3D counterparts, I hope Disney wouldn't try to use that as an excuse for why more black films don't get made. Embarking on a feature length 2D project that isn't straight to video these days is a HUGE risk.

I'm happy about the news but like others have said, I have mixed feelings.

The Cocoa Lounge said...

As testament to racsim being alive and well...

White Extremists are already planning to boycott the film. Please be advised there are some very hateful words being said about African-Americans and The Frog Princess in the link below:

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I can't begin to tell you how much it broke my heart to hear my niece say that she couldn't be a princess because she didn't have blond or red hair! (She's black, I'm white) Every girl should be able to have this dream.

I do wish it was someone other than Randy Newman doing the soundtrack, I can't stand his music.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it interesting that Disney tarnishes the shine of its first black princess by referring to her as a "frog" in the title? Mulan was "Mulan." Pocahontas: "Pocahontas." The list goes on and on: "Cinderella," "Snow White," "Ariel," "Jasmine..." The first black princess: "The Frog Princess???"

I find this very disturbing. Such blatantly offensive terminology only demeans the "efforts" that Disney is attempting to make. Or maybe Disney really is just that racist.

At the very least, Disney could offer the public a less deragotory title. If the Frog Princess' name is any indication of what's to come, I'll have to pass.

Eska Vaughn said...

Wow. I find myself having mixed feelings about this. While I'm happy that an African-American princess will be represented, I'm concerned about how she will be portrayed and drawn. Will she just be a "colorized" version of Ariel? Or will she have African-American features that are real and attractive? Time will tell...

BTW, I LOVE your site! Just happened to stumble across it. I had just been complaining to my sister about there being no black female bloggers. I'm definitely adding you to my bloglinks. Keep up the fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

Talking about queuing the pecking order! Even a Mermaid had first dibs before a black woman in Disney animation.

Would like to see where this project goes, though..

Anonymous said...

I'm also not too happy about the title of this movie or the fact that Disney completely ignored Africa. Africa actually had princesses there and I'm sure has many princess stories to choose from. Including two of my favorites Mufaro's Beautiful daughers (she becomes a princess) and The princess who lost her hair - (She learns kindness).


The Cocoa Lounge said...

I love the honest and insightful words I'm reading here:

I hope they aren't setting this film up for failure by going back to 2d animation. One would assume that it will be presented in a way never seen before by audiences, but you know how that goes. At least we'll get to see the public's response to the idea of it with The Simpsons Movie this summer.

Concerned In Georgia--
The title initially disturbed me as well, but (it's changed once or twice so) I think it is a tentative least let's hope so.

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters is one of my all-time favorite childrens books (visually lush, beautifully written...). I bought it while in college, just to have it as part of my collection...possibly passing down to a daughter of my own one day.

Being that all of the Disney Princess animations are based on ancient folktales and legendary stories, it is odd that a modern tale has been "created" for this "African American Princess."

Let's hope the writers / pre-production crew are dotting their I's, and crossing those T's on this one.

Anonymous said...

This is not a new title. The Frog Princess is a Russian, and Italian fairy tale. I was actually hoping that this was just a twist to the Grimm Brothers Frog Prince. I know for a fact that Disney has been researching African princesses to emabark on other ideas. They do however, represent for their African princesses with their princess line of books through Hyperion (Disney sub-publsihing company). I can't wait to see the movie. I am sure that it will be great. I think we should not look at the other princess so literal as just white. Each one of the princesses show a different heritage and background. They have represented the Middle East, Europe, France, Spain, Italy, Native America, and China. I think we should be teaching our children about the world around us. I know that I never felt left out not to see a princess my own color. I always felt that I was a princess.

Anonymous said...

I think it's going to be great. But I doubt she'll ever end up on all the main Disney Princess merchandise- probably more of a Mulan or Pocahontas, not part of the main 6.
I don't want Randy Newman to do it, but apparently Alan Menken is busy with another Disney movie... He's so good though, he should be doing it.

Jeanna said...

I had a thought but it is ridiculous considering how Disney works with these princesses. In general, Disney princesses have a grain of truth that is fascinating and worthy of daydreaming about (I can't think of the word I need here). With the minority princesses, each one has that grain of truth as well. I find it interesting that Disney with all of it's power can't find a way to set up a princess way back when in Africa considering that there were kingdoms. And if they were to do so, I know some people would complain but anything Disney doesn't know, they can and will make up anyway. Then again in the 1930s... I don't know. I'm disappointed that Disney put her in the twentieth century. But I will be watching for "The Princess and the Frog" if they don't change it to something better.

Jen said...

I've been looking at sketches of this Maddy character for a couple days now, and something just doesn't sit well with me. When you compare the way she is drawn to the other Disney Prinesses, it looks as though they didn't put enough effort into it. Just look at this:
Doesn't she look like more of a Disney Priness than "Maddy"? I don't have high hopes for this film, and I believe 100% that Disney is making a HUGE mistake.

Jeanna said...

That does look like it lacks effort like Jen said. I hope that is going to get finishing touches before coming to theaters.

C.Edwards said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Um... Jen, the character in that picture looks like a porn star. The official, final character design on Maddy has yet to be released.

I think this project has ton of red flags, but the depiction of black characters isn't one of them. Believe it or not, Disney artists and animators (even non-black ones) want to produce respectful work regardless of the race of their characters. The only color that will make this movie bad is 'green'.

Anonymous said...

Also, I think you're right, Jeanna, this movie should have an African setting (or something comparable). I had heard for a long time they were developing a story set in Senegal. I think their best bet would've been "Aida", which was pitched as an animated movie, but they made it into a stage musical instead.

It's too bad this movie is already "The black animated movie" instead of "the next animated movie", it's already set up to fail.

Jen said...

I already knew that that was Lion King fan art--that's how I found it. I just think that the artist who made the fan art, put waaaaay more effort into drawing her than Disney seemed to put into The Frog Princess. And just for the record, while I'm not crazy about the cleavage, she does not look like a porn star.

Anonymous said...

I encourage you to look at actual animator conceptual work, it's some of the most beautiful work you'll never see in the film, but without it, you'd never get to the finished result. Whatever Disney's Maddy or Tiana or whatever her name is ends up looking like, it'll ultimately get just as much effort as her white counterparts but will most likely look a little ethno-generic, but ALL animated leads end up like that, because they want to appeal the widest possible audience. It's kind of sad really, the animator who designed Pocahontas (say what you want about that movie) has some of the most beautiful pre-production drawings, but the studio wanted her less ethnic so she wouldn't put off white audiences.

Anyone who wants to see what modern black Disney characters will look like should look at three pieces: Hercules(for The Muses), Atlantis(for Joshua Sweet) and the John Henry short they did a few years back.

Anonymous said...

John Henry is here:

Anonymous said...

Oh, that didn't work right. Go to YouTube and search for Disney John Henry, it's a great piece and rarely seen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FOund This one a French Fourm!

Go allll the way to the bottom for a new look, and possible final look to our Princess!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me why it is always black folks looking for everyone else to represent them? Why couldn't we all ban together to create our own African or African American princess stories? What about African or African American prince stories? This is what gets under my skin. I'm not waiting for whites, asians, or anyone else to represent US. I'm going to create my own characters that African American and African children can look up to. Maybe I am just frustrated, but I'm just tired of mess like this. We do have the power to change things and make things happen. A lot of black folks believe this. So please tell me why we insist on making those who look nothing like us represent us? When they didn't feel it was necessary to add us into the picture, that's when we should have boycotted everything that wasn't US.


Anonymous said...

I honestly wouldn't have a problem with this if it were just celebrated as any other Disney movie. But no, because Disney is making a black character, there's so much hype. It can't just be "yay, another Disney princess!"??

I can see this being a big thing for the black community, and it's unfortunate because I believe that now all they will buy for their children are things from this character's movie.

And how about the black parents who don't buy princess things for their children, because they are not black? Unless this movie strikes me as fantastic, I probably won't buy any of it's merchandise... But I suppose because I'm white, that's going to make me a racist.

I'm also irked by some black people's negative reactions to this. They complain because the movie is titled "The Frog Princess". And in whatever roundabout way, they have dubbed it as racist.

They complain because the character's name is Maddy, and that is "too close" to Mammy. Certainly that's it, it couldn't have anything to do with the common name Madeline, could it? No, what could there be to complain about there?

There wasn't so much excitement when Disney released the story of Mulan who was Chinese, or Pocahontas who was Native American, or Jasmine who was Arab.

This just upsets me. It needs to just be 'another Disney princess'.

Anonymous said...

hmm im kinda like the cocoa lounge pic of the black princess....i guess next time lol

The Cocoa Lounge said...

More concept art of Princess Tiana / Maddy:

The big screen projected images are from Disney, while the rest are fan art. Beautiful stuff, either way.

Anonymous said...

I am encouraged that Disney is finally making a movie about an African American princess. I remember when they made Pocahontas, they came to our local mall with a large ship, which was to represent the one John Smith used to sail to America. They held a question and answer session, and I praised them for Pocahontas, but I wanted to know when they were going to go back to Africa, after Loin King, and make a movie about a black princess. Most people in the crowd got quiet and I never received a straight answer. At the time my daughters were very young, and I wanted them to have someone positive they could relate to as well, not saying they did not love Pocahontas, Jasmine, and Mulan, but now they are teenagers, so the “Princess and the Frog” will not be as important to them, but we will go to see the movie and hope it is positive for other little African American girls.

Anonymous said...

I think Angie is right, black people shouldn't sit around and wait for other people the represent them. Only problem is, I used to work in tv animation and I would witness black artists conceive black show that were never made because black people always responded negatively to them.

If it was a show about street characters, it was dubbed "Too black" and/or "Racist because they were in the street". If it was a show about suburban characters it was dubbed "Not black enough" and/or "Racist because black people don't really live that way."

And depictions of black characters were even harder to deal with, if their features were really ethnic, it was dubbed "Racist because that character has big lips." And these were all from respected black animation artists. One of them told me, "black people keep themselves off television."

Have you seen these, they are fan art from a parisian artist named David Gilson, he really hit the nail on the head (too bad he doesn't work for Disney).

And this adorable concept for Tiana's little sister, Arila:

Taylor said...

Hey, Hey, Hey, HEY...... WAIT A MINUTE. Don't you remember BRANDY in Roger and Hammersteim's Cinderella. It was great! Brandy was disney's first black princesses and that was way back in the 90s with even Whoopie Goldberg as her mother, the queen! Don' call modern disney that racist. They just had trouble finding a good story for black princess to star in. Now Finally...

Anonymous said...

Hell, I'm a Black Princess, no, make that QUEEN. And I don't need a Walt Disney cartoon or any other faction of the Motion Picture association of America to tell me THAT.

DeLaMi said...

I really want it to be good so I can appreciate it. I have this fear that it will be bad and people will like it only because of the characters that look like them.

Anonymous said...

what about kida? and the lion king broadway production? i think in disney defense that they probably used white people before because they stories they used were stories from germany, france, england etc and were probably written about white princess like snow white, and aurora both are stated as having skin the colour of snow or hair the shade of sunshine. i dont think that disney did it to be racist one of the main animators on Sleeping beauty was african american, i just think the stories they chose were of european origin.

Anonymous said...

they have changed the princesses name to 'Tiana' and now calling the film The frog Prince

i am doing a essay on race and looking in depth at woman! thank you so much for this site it is very usuful

people should see this as just another disney film not looking into it as being racist as i think everyone should be equal and trated the same!

Anonymous said...

I wish everyone could wait for the movie to come out before they start whining and complaining about what it will be like. Why automatically ASSUME it will be racist, until you see it? These posts are coming before the movie is even finished! Hawaiin, Arabian, Chinese, Native American - nobody made a big deal about any of the other cultures Disney has portrayed, but as soon as you hear there's a "black princess" you get all in an uproar. Calm down, already! This should be a good thing, even if you don't like how the final "look" comes out, at least they made an effort! Disney is too big to purposely, blatantly, make a racist movie. Knock that chip off your shoulder and enjoy the show.

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