Thursday, June 22, 2006

Fresh Face [#006]: Joy Denalane

Joy Denalane -- Throwback Pam Grier Moment
Afro-German, Joy Denalane, is a musical chameleon. Not only is her music a blend of genres that include Soul, Afrobeat and Hip hop, her lyrics are equally as diverse--Denalane will sing in English, German, Xhosa or Shangan (South African languages) without batting an eyelash.

Though she's been in the musical game for years, her fanbase has been largely focused in Europe--but that's quickly changing. Joy was featured on the German version of Common's single "Go!" and is sure to draw attention in the US with her latest R&B single "Let Go."

If you haven't yet discovered Joy, you don't know what you're missing.

Singer, Joy Denalane
Watch the video for "Let Go" here. (Real Player)


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Whoa. She reminds me of Amiel Larrieux.

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Enjoyed a lot!
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HAWT!! on many levels...