Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What in the world is a Frangela?

If you’ve watched VH1’s Best Week Ever, you’ve experienced Frangela.

The comedy duo, comprised of Frances Callier and Angela Shelton may be most famous for their funny take on celebrities from a black girl’s perspective but the duo have been at it for years. Remember the Oxygen animated series Hey Monie (that later ran on BET)? Yep, that was Frangela.

The LA Times calls them “a rare black female humor duo…” but the Cocoa Lounge calls them simply, “genius.” These two women are definitely making their mark and their brand of comedy only improves with age.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of them but thats one interesting photo.

Anonymous said...

They do look off the chain in that picture.

P said...

I'm disturbed by the picture.

Maybe I am going to have nightmares. . .

Donald said...

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