Wednesday, May 07, 2008

P. Diddy Campaigns for Janelle Monae in Los Angeles

P. Diddy Campaigns For Janelle Monae in Los Angeles
(Photo by: J. Althaus)

Los Angeles, CA -- There was a seismic shift in the energy of the Hollywood Sunset Strip last night around 7 pm. Just as anticipation was building around the nail-biting democratic race several thousand miles away, the energy outside the Key Club was also peaking Tuesday night.

But the issue at hand was neither Obama, Clinton, or McCain. The people had spoken and they wanted a musical change they could believe in. Afro-Punk kids, Music Industry execs, Hollywood blondes, and the Grown & Sexy put aside their differences to align for one common cause--Janelle Monae.

And she delivered.

P. Diddy Presents Janelle Monae in Los Angeles

After being presented to the crowd with a heartfelt speech from two of her chief campaign backers, P. Diddy & Big Boi of Outkast, Janelle Monae unleashed on stage with a wildly energetic performance of Violet Stars Happy Hunting, and from there, was an introduction to the many faces of Janelle Monae. She followed with the achingly beautiful, Smile, a song in which she shines with the vocal depth and tenderness of a young Judy Garland. Sincerely Jane has a strong social message and a bass line to match, and Letting Go has a fun, bouncy nature, easily reminiscent of Michael Jackson's early work from Thriller. With her brief, but powerful set, Monae clearly addressed the underlying issues, key ingredients for any new artists' success: talent, versatility, and influential backers.

P. Diddy Presents Janelle Monae in Los Angeles

The crowd was appreciative, and cheers became more akin to a campaign rally than an artist showcase (see Monae "Imagination Inspires Nations" posters being hoisted in the crowd photo).

If Diddy was making the case to bring a change in the music industry, as he suggested in his opening speech, then the results from last night was resoundingly clear: Janelle Monae is definitely a musical candidate of change. And, without question, receives the endorsement of The Cocoa Lounge.


Anonymous said...

I looooove Janelle! I saw the NY show.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Janelle is the bomb

Anonymous said...

she cool and all but why do she wear the same outfit all the time?

Anonymous said...

That's a good look for Diddy.

Anonymous said...

Her style is working the little black and white outfit with the bowtie. I think it make her stand out from all the other new singers so let her do her thing. People always have a problem when somebody is doing something different. Its called being a freakin individual.

Go Janelle!!! I hope she starts doing more shows.

Charece said...

She is extraordinary. I've heard so much about her and saw her on almost every outkast video, I was wondering when she was finally gonna break out and do her thang and her she goes...One question tough what is P. Diddy's involvement with her he better not screw this up liek he does everyone else...I still love your blogs I chek em out everyday. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I W.A.S there and that performance was amazing! I think her label, The Wondaland Arts Society had most of the influence on the campaign feel and most definitely on all of the posters. I took a poster home. Oh and there were buttons too! It was a phenomenal show!

and as for her clothes.. I think it rocks that she wears the same thing, its shows that she is more concerned with her music and her message than her clothes. More people should try it. I WISH I could wear the same thing to work everyday. She's lucky. I actually think I'll try it.

Jane Lee said...
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Anonymous said...

This is a really good review! Makes me want to vote Janelle Monae for president.

Anonymous said...

Fyi, Janelle Monae has her own recording label, The Wondaland Arts Society. She co-founded it. This is a partnership between The Wondaland Arts Society and badboy/Atlantic.

She will be fine in my opinion. She has a great team of creative people around her. My friend interns for the Wondaland arts society and Says Janelle is a business woman. if you really think about, She is free to wear whatever she wants to wear. Wasn't slavery abolished in 1865?

Anonymous said...

I feel out of the loop because I have never heard of her but I must say she is a gorgeous girl. I'll have to check out her music. She has a very interesting look.

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

she's fabulous. i've heard so much about her.

Anonymous said...

I love hearing unique artists. Fresh music is hard to come by these days. Thanks for putting some "extra" spotlight on Janelle's talent!


p.s. Glad I found your blog by way of BBWO (black business women online) it's awesome.

Queen Minority said...

wow I love her so far wish I was there.

Mo said...

i love letting go! and you're, it is kinda reminiscent of mj. its about he did some campaigning for her. i was getting scared that she'd just kinda get pushed on the back burner. she is way too flyy for that; put cassie on the shelf instead lol

Mr.Londoner said...

wow.. she sounds stupidly sick

diddy though?

hope hes just a fan and dosent get involve with her creativeness.

hope so.

Eb the Celeb said...

I love love love her.

Still aint too happy at the fact that she signed with bad boy... but hopefully she wont let him drain her creativity

Anonymous said...

fresh new sound.
loven the wackyness
the new aged kelis perhaps
wish janelle the best.

Anonymous said...

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