Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Black Model Museum: The First American Covergirl

Black Model Museum: The First Black Covergirl

Forty years ago, marked the first time a black woman ever appeared on the cover of a national American women's magazine. The pioneering face on the cover of the August 1968 issue belonged to Katiti Kironde, then a college student at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Though not a model, Katiti's cover was a financial success and would open the floodgates for many model firsts in the years to follow: Jolie Jones, Mademoiselle '69; Daphne Maxwell, Glamour, '69; Jane Hoffman, Cosmopolitan, '69; Elizabeth of Toro, Harper's Bazaar, '69; and Beverly Johnson's coveted, American Vogue cover of '74, struck the last blow to the long-standing tradition of exclusion.

Thanks to Katiti's historic cover and the efforts of women and men in front of, and behind the lens, we've never known a world where diversity was blatantly not welcomed to the publication party. And we think that's something worth celebrating.

Today we're gonna party like its 1968!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well shut my mouth. I always thought Beverly Johnson was the first......

Beauty Is Diverse said...

I seen this cover several days ago also.

Mo said...

thats awesome! and her cover still looks recent...

Lenoxave said...

Well, well, well. You learn something new everyday. I had no idea.

Charece said...

Wow, everyone did think it was Beverly Johnson I know I sure did...That's great might have to blog this gorgeous women!

Felicity said...

I myself thought that it was Beverly Johnson.

Sojourner said...

Naomi Sims was the first black super model. Beverly Johnson came after her. Naomi was such a cultural phenomenon, that they put her on the cover of LIFE Magazine.

SistaSocialite said...

WOW, I convinced myself Beverly Johnson was the first... aint that something??

1968 was a beauty year!

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a recent picture of Ms Katiti.


Her beauty endures at age 63! She looks better than some who are 20 years younger! As my 90 year old Granny says: Black don't crack. My beloved Granny who had the nerve to lie to a white woman in Walgreens two months ago saying she was 72 like the woman was (though the woman looked older than my granny LOL).

Anonymous said...

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B said...

Such a beautiful cover. I wonder where she is today.

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Awesome post, this is history, I remember my ex-girlfriend who was a black woman that had that cover framed hanging in her wall.

Anonymous said...

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