Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fresh Face [#015]: Ayo

Fresh Face [#015]: Ayo

With influences that range from Donny Hathaway and Jimmy Cliff to Pink Floyd, Ayo's musical background is just as diverse as she is. Like fellow Afro-German, Fresh-Face Joy Denalane, Ayo takes genres and infuses them with a dose of her own sensibilities and culture. While her sound is not completely definable, we'd file it in our music collection under Folk: Soul.

Her latest video, Down on My Knees, reminds us of how simplistically artistic music videos used to be... Ahhh... the good ole days.


Ajei said...

She have good sound.

Ghetto Rhode Scholar said...

Does Europe have a stronghold on all talent that is cutting-edge, progressive soul? Why is it that America's not turning out unique black soul voices anymore? Tisk, tisk. The landscape is such that whenever a talent like Ayo emerges, I'm certain it claims Euro-ancestry.

Lonnie said...

I do think that a lot of good artists are coming out of europe but we still have talentde soul singers in America like Jill Scott John Legend and India Arie. America created soul music so we are always going to do it right. But our brethen across the world also have a lot of soul and that's why we see people coming out of europe and even africa with there verison of soul. Its all good. Ayo is beautiful indside and out.

Danielle said...

I'm glad to see black people from around the world getting soul music out there. I always like to learn about new artists in the diaspora. This site hipped me to Joy Denalane who is fantastic. I support our folks no matter what corner of the world they are from when the music is quality.

Anonymous said...

Afropeans again!! thanks for showing afro european talents and beauty (like Ayo afro german, bezemymailan afrofrench and this black girl from danemark( forgot her name)!! love it!!! want more!!!!
afropeans rule!!
I have to say that Black american music is not that exiting anymore!!

Gary said...

Ayo's a beautiful girl with a voice to match.