Monday, August 20, 2007

Coccoa Lounge Legends [#003]: Kara Walker

Cocoa Lounge Legend: Kara Walker

"Her silhouettes throw themselves against the wall and don't blink." --Time Magazine.

Named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in The World, Kara Walker's artwork is so bold, it doles artistic slaps to the face.

Her fairy-tale-meets-nightmare world of silhouettes are often centered around antebellum slavery themes, and racial/sexual relations. Walker is unflinching in telling it like she sees it, and in doing so, has become a legend in her own time.

Cocoa Lounge Legend: Kara Walker

As is expected when an artist goes against the grain, Walker's art is frequently met with controversy, but it hasn't stopped the accolades from coming; by age 27 she'd pocketed the MacArthur Genius Award and her art has been exhibited in prestigious institutions across the globe including the Guggenheim, Harvard, and the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

If a Kara Walker exhibition is not coming to a city near you soon, don't fret. You can gaze upon her startling imagery in the privacy of your own home in one of several books about her work.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a art person but I like her stuff.

Charece said...

I luv her work, I learned about her in college her work is very graphic if you look closely you find some interesting things. Glad to see she getting the publicity she deserves.

lovejones said...

You are officially me new FAVE blog! Loves it! I knew you had gr8 taste when u chose Kara as a Legend. She is beyond fabu. Thanks for enlightening those who don't know about her work.

Anonymous said...

this stuff is brilliant....eventually i'd love to see her work in a gallery or museum in nyc. but this is a nice intro to her work.

The Cocoa Lounge said...

Kara Walker's art doesn't just speak it SHOUTS. We love that about her. I don't think we've yet had a Cocoa Lounge legend under 50 but she deserves every bit of the 'Legend' title.

Her work is deeeep; Charece you're so right about finding interesting things in it. Thanks you guys for sharing words about this amazing artist.

Kara just made the August 27th, 2007 cover of The New Yorker: Check it out here.

The piece, which commemorates the 2nd Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is called, “Post Katrina Adrift.”

Anonymous said...

not a fan.

Anonymous said...

Hey all. I wanted to leave a message saying I love your site. I'm glad that you're showcasing black women artists and getting their work out to the general public. Kara Walker should be known more outside of the elite art world and it's good to see her here amongst music and just general life stuff. Thank you! And if Kara Walker reads this, I'm one of your biggest fans!


Beauty Is Diverse said...

Her work is amazing...

Anonymous said...

Kara Walker is the truth!

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