Monday, May 14, 2007

Gotta Love Those Jacksons!

Though scandal has plagued the Jackson clan over the last few years, it's clips like this (from their 1970s variety show) that explain what made this family amazing.

Who but the Jackson dynasty, which included a young Michael and pint-sized Janet, could get down with the legendary Nicholas Brothers and make tap dancing look like childs play? Is it just us, our is Michael Jackson, hands-down, one of the greatest dancers to ever exist...? Watch the entire Jackson family (minus Joe and his wife, Katherine) hoof it up with the fiery Nicholas brothers.


Anonymous said...

i was so excited when i ran across your blog,because it seemed to keep me posted on black actresses and what they have coming up next and the fresh new faces in film...because i aspire to become an actress...then i was dissapointed with the lack of updates and the content that had nothing to do with black thespians.

please update more often...and keep us informed on our black thespians...i want to be inspired..who are the new faces and how did they become...what is nia, drew sidora, joy bryant, nicole ari parker-kojoe, taraji p.henson and jill jones doing?

keep us posted...thank you so much!!

The Cocoa Lounge said...

We're glad that you enjoy content on black thespians and will definitely keep this in mind as we update. We started the Cocoa Lounge to celebrate black women in all aspects of the arts & entertainment, so there are some days when the content will vary and that's ok. And because of our busy schedules our updates aren't always daily, though we're working on being more frequent.
Thanks Anonymous and we definitely appreciate you keeping it real.


Anonymous said...

thank you for your response!

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