Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fresh Face [#013]: Regine Nehy and Serena Reeder

From The Cocoa Lounge

Fresh Face #013:  Regine Nehy and Serena Reeder

Regine Nehy and Serena Reeder both made splashes earlier this year in the Sundance-premiered Weapons, a tale about drugs and violence in small-town youth. The film, starring Nick Cannon and Little Miss Sunshine's Paul Dano, swept starletts Nehy and Reeder into the limelight and on the fast-track to Hollywood success.

Fresh Face #013: Regine Nehy Grey's Anatomy fans may remember Philly native, Reghine Nehy, from a dramatic guest starring role as a pregnant teen; or as the only female swimmer on the Marcus Foster swim team in Pride, the drama based on a true story.

Fresh Face #013: Serena Reeder Julliard graduate, Serena Reeder's breakthrough role was as 50 cent's murdered, drug-addicted mother in Get Rich or Die Tryin. She will later star opposite Hollywood greats, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, in the highly-anticipated film, The Bucket List.

Get to know these Fresh Faces, because you'll be seeing a lot more of them soon.


Anonymous said...

Regine looks like a young version of an african-american actress from the 90s. I can't think of her name right now. They're both very intelligent looking.

The Cocoa Lounge said...
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The Cocoa Lounge said...

Look out for Regine Nehy in MTV's Super Sweet 16: The Movie directed by Neema Barnette.

The movie premiers on MTV on July 8th.

Anonymous said...

Okkkaaaaay that's where I know Regine's face. She's the black girl from the Super Sweet 16 movie! Even though I think MTV shouldn't make a movie about Sweet 16 because it's already a show I'm still going to watch.

Anonymous said...

yo whats up?
this is 50's mom!

Anonymous said...

yo whats up?
this is 50's mom!

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