Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Haut Shots: Nefertiti Kebede

Random Haut-ness from the photographic perspective...

Haut Shots: Nefertiti Kebede

Model, Liya Kebede, as Egypt's Queen Nefertiti.


Anonymous said...

that's a regal shot of liya. i don't know why the history books try to take away from the fact that the ancient egyptians were african.

Lenoxave said...

Absolutely Stunning!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling the nappy high top fade leaned back egyptian look -- Might have to cop that and see how it work with my look... hmmmm.

Beauty Is Diverse said...


"i don't know why the history books try to take away from the fact that the ancient egyptians were african."

Because those who write the books are jealous and are trying to write themselves into history..

Anonymous said...

The Egyptians were mixed-race. Some were Sub-Saharan African, Southwest Asian white (like Arabs, Persians, etc.), and combinations thereof. Which, of course, is similar to most African-Americans who have 18 to 22% European ancestry.

Race, as it's constructed today, did not exit then. People moved around and intermarried.

It's important to understand that Egypt is not west Africa. Therefore, expecting them to look like someone from Ghana is like expecting someone from Sweden to look like a person from Sicily.

As DNA studies continue to show, Africans have the greatest amount of genetic diversity because they are the oldest people.

Anonymous said...

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Hi there!

I am new in this neighborhood! {waves}

That photo is just absolutely stunning....


Breath taking even...

{thumbs up}

You are welcome to stop by my place and chat all you want! {smile)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I find this picture actually really tacky. I love miss kebede though.
About the comments that I just read..Egyptians were very diverse looking. Telling that they were all Blacks is as wrong as saying they were all Whites..
yes some were black (but they did not look like african americans) some looked "white" not white like anglo saxons but more like mediterranneans and middle eastern people. most were a combination of different origins ( I agree with the above comment that the concept of race as our society defines it DID NOT exist at that time)
so don't try yourself to re write the history of egypt ( already wrongly rewritten in the first place) to make you feel better.
you are not egyptian and you don't know the history of this country.

Anonymous said...

Why are people in an outrage because someone said that the Egyptians were AFRICAN??? They were! It is a geographical fact. It's like arguing that a person from New York is not American--complete nonsense. I don't think a single person here is saying that the Egyptians were completely BLACK -- although a good number of them probably were, even Arab people are mixed race and by logic of their location, a mix of African and Eastern peoples. And of course Egyptians wouldn't look like African Americans, they probably looked more like people from the Sudan.

Egyptians were African and still are: Egypt is located in Africa -- end of argument.

And if Elizabeth Taylor (an English-American) could play Cleopatra why is it tacky for Liya Kebede (an African) to pose as Nefertiti...(also an African)?


Anonymous said...

the picture is tacky not because it's liya or an african because there is something tacky about this picture.period. other than that I think liya is stunning. nowhere did I mentionned that egyptians were not africans. I am just tired of african americans teaching lessons about the so called history of egypt when they don't know s.. about my egyptian and african culture. As far as I know I am more african than you. Ang you don't have to be haughty, I know that egypt is in africa not like more than 90% of your american co-citizens...

Anonymous said...

The image is hot!!!

Liya looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

"I am more african than you". Bitch take that comment and shove it right up your tight ass. I can't stand africans like you. And if you know so much about your "egyptian/african" heritage, why are white people claiming the very shit you boast about? You have white people going around talking about egypt belongs to them, and I don't hear or see you "more than african" people doing a damn thing about it.

Kill over you egotistical bitch. Then you africans wonder why us african americans can't stand your backward asses. You african stay bashing african americans, but want to come over to america because africa is so fucked up. Keep your ass in poor ass africa. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

we certainly don't want african american bitches like you claiming to be us!!!Fuck your country american bitch!!!

The Cocoa Lounge said...

Hey people,

It's unfortunate that this post has turned into an ugly debate about culture, and the depths of African-ness.

Debating whose more African than whom is a waste of bandwith, ya'll. We celebrate it all here and we'll kindly show unkind words the exit.

We didn't intend to bestow any history lessons on our visitors with the image of Liya as Nefertiti because we know that the only people who could tell the most accurate story of ancient Egypt are no longer with us. So we won't even try to.

Around these parts, we are very proud African descendants in America who respect the vast beauty of who we are. We encourage you all to do the same.

Keith said...

I love that picture. It's stunning, regal, beautiful, etc. I'm so fascinated by ancient history of all cultures.

Unknown said...

This is a beautiful shot.

It is hard for people to accept what the truth is. What I see in life that even for black people if what we learn is not taught by a white person we don't believe it. We automatically accept what a white person will say so willingly.

When a Black person states facts it as if we are trained to be mistrusting of them. Or, label them as "Pro" something, or to have "revolutionist" ideas.


Anonymous said...

And what make you believe that this model is from an african decendency only? is obvious she is preaty mix, look at her refined features... The thing is that here in north america you have a drop of black blood and you are already black, yet a white drop would not give you anything. Im tired of this nonsense divitions. We are all humans, preaty much muds since nobody is pure, stop the labeling. Nefertiti was a beautiful WOMAN, with a rich history, thats enough to say...

aliish said...


Anonymous said...

NOBODY in those posts said that egyptians were white! so why making so much drama? anyway white in america means europeans. but that doesn't mean that in other parts of the world. the concept of race and origins is very fucked up in america and only makes sense to americans..
some girls here obviously don't know how to read. take your head out of your ass!! and also I'm laughing at ignorant americans ( no matter what color they are) trying to teach egyptian or another country's history!! you don'tknow your own already so start with that!
as somebody said earlier the ancient egyptians are not around anymore. unfortunately for egypt they have been invaded by other people like the arabs. So probably a lot of the present day egyptians don't look like the ancient ones.

Anonymous said...

ok so what if the united states society and civilization disappears thousands of years from now some people try to say what americans were? looking at the remains of it they will maybe say that the americans were white or africans??? no the REAL americans are natives. but maybe one day a long time from now nobody will know that cause the native population could disappear entirely! then anybody will claim america as they own. think about it! that's fucked up! yeah well....

Ms.Nerdie Birdie said...

For anonymous...

I'm 13 and I have a white art teacher who is white. I am black. We are painting history on canvas and I am doing queen Nefertiti. My teacher doesn't believe in African myths. (I wonder why...) So I painted nefertiti the color of a tree trunk. When I was done, she looked as beautiful as ever. So, if you want to curse and say that egypt was mixed, READ! and maybe you'll find out that the so called Arabs came oh sorry I mean invaded Africa. That's why the egyptians and east africans today look aravian. It's a shame...

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wow.... i can't really believe that someone have a such hair cut...

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Anonymous said...

Its a shame that so much hate when you make a kemetic queen black. This goes to show you the hate against black especially dark black. There are blacks that are mixed all over and blacks who are not mixed (as far as they know) yet have similar features. Why? Answer: DNA If all these people arguing about mixed, white black,etc would continue their so-called research they would know that every race and complexion comes from the dark black gene aka germ. And no one is more african then anyone because a country does not represent DNA. No matter where one is born, their DNA will always be copied to their offspring mixed or not because it takes 7 years for the black gene (domiant gene) to not be present (resessive gene being dominant which makes a caucasian race) so shut up and enjoy the photo.

Anonymous said...

People will argue ab who took the bigger shit..It is a very cool picture

Anonymous said...

"their DNA will always be copied to their offspring mixed or not because it takes 7 years for the black gene (domiant gene) to not be present (resessive gene being dominant which makes a caucasian race)"

Additive genetic variation does not work that way.

Lovely picture though.

Unknown said...

I am an AFRICAN AMERICAN, but African comes first. and personally I think that this depiction of Nefertiti is beautiful beyond words. african americans need to realize that we have been lied to in our culture and we need to embrace our true home.

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