Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fresh Face [#015]: Muhsinah

Fresh Face [#015]: Muhsinah

She has "muse" in her name, so it comes as no surprise that Muhsinah's tapped into a rich source of inspiration for her debut CD, Day.Break.

We've been having the "Where are all the female producers?" discussion for years around these parts. Outside of Missy Elliott, you could (literally) count the number of female Hip Hop/Soul arrangers/composers/producers on one hand--practically one finger, even.

Muhsinah is like a seasoned steak to the malnourished soul game; A refreshingly fresh independent, who pushes soul music so far forward, it warrants its own genre: "Progressive Future Soul." And on top of being a producing wunderkind, she's also crossed 'classically trained pianist' and 'formidable vocal talent' off of her list of things-to-accomplish by the age of 24.

With a sound that is like Georgia Anne Muldrow meets someone you've never been formally introduced to, we look forward to more of what Muhsinah has to offer this galaxy.

Check out her independent video: "Construction" below.


Anonymous said...

That Construction song is hot. I like her style.

Anonymous said...

Muhsinah is out of DC! Rep girl. She's way ahead of everybody right now. Love her.

Anonymous said...

Aww suckie suckie. I like this Muhsinah girl. But I wonder if all her stuff sounds psychadelic. I can see myself getting tired of it if everysong sounds the same. I gotta hit up amazon or itunes and preview the cd.

Anonymous said...

You always bring something new. I love dropping by. I'm going to check her out.

The Cocoa Lounge said...

We love this girl, too. Definitely a breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeeeeelin' this song.

SoulCulture said...

Check out our exclusive video interview with Muhsinah here

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