Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Winners: Our Favorite Stars Shine at The Height of Award Season

From The Cocoa Lounge

Weekend Winners
Stars are all smiles with their trophies.

A handful of our favorite stars shone bright over the weekend. Picking up high honors at The Oscars, Spirit Awards and in Memphis, TN (of all places):

1. Forest Whitaker, Best Actor, Academy Awards

Forest Whitaker solidified his presence as one of the greatest actors of our time, with an Oscar that was long overdue in the eyes of many. We're already looking forward to his nomination in the Directing category.

2. Jennifer Hudson, Best Supporting Actress, Academy Awards

Vocal powerhouse and current media darling J-Hud, topped off her Cinderella story by capturing Oscar gold.

3. Venus Williams, Championship Title, Cellular South Cup, Memphis

In a campaign that rivals Senator Barack Obama's, Venus Williams has set her sights set on a position in the top 16 on the WTA tour.

4. Shareeka Epps, Best Female Lead, IFC Independent Spirit Awards

Young Shareeka Epps kept up her run as breakout Indie Princess by picking up a Best Actress award on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer Hudson it is time for her to take a vacation now.

Anonymous said...

I"m so happy that Jennifer won that oscar. But I'm sad Eddie didn't get one after all the years he put in.

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