Thursday, July 20, 2006

Barbara Walters: A Lesson in Inappropriate Touching

Barbara Walters couldn't seem to keep her hands to herself--and off her African American guest hosts, Brandy and Tanika Ray, two of many black women sitting in the seat once occupied by Star Jones on The View.

The clip made VH1's Best Week Ever and highlights an issue many African Americans--women and men--find themselves tangled in (pun intended).

Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child (right) recently sat-in with The View chicks. Someone must have informed Barbara that the touching thing wasn't going over well because she didn't fondle Kelly's hair but she did touch some sensitive spots for the singer--namely her recent split with her football fiance. Ouch!

That Barbara Walters is out of control!


LP said...

that's probably why Star Jones left.

P said...

Baba WaWa better be knowing that
tis not a good idea to be touching on a sisters hair.

That will get you in the hot seat.

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